Who We Are

We are a Christian tourism company committed to making your stay in the Holy Land a spiritual pilgrimage with the hope that your eyes and heart will be opened to God’s transforming power.

Our company is unique because we place the utmost importance on interacting with the local community in the Holy Land so that our guests not only “walk where Jesus walked” but also “do what Jesus did” by serving the community in love. Our guides also make us unique because they have a deep understanding of the land and its connection to the teachings of Jesus.

The Biblical narratives of the area have been passed down to them through many generations and they are passionate about sharing these stories. Our tours are unique because they are saturated with prayer and scripture, and you will be able to actually worship with local people in the churches we visit.

The pilgrimages we offer allow you to take the trip you want at your own pace, based on your interests and desires. We are committed to serving you, so contact us and we will begin planning your pilgrimage with you!


We aspire to be the first choice in providing responsible travel experiences for our guests and in positively impacting the lives of our people and the society in which we live.


To allow travelers through responsible tourism to positively impact the communities they visit through quality travel and service programs. We believe that we are all pieces that fit together to create peace on Earth. That is why we are dedicated to bringing people together through unique tours and programs.