Culinary Tour

Culinary ToursExperience the tastes of Palestine: an authentic food experience!

Experience a culinary tour, where the finest in Palestine cuisine meets the finest in Palestine hospitality.

We provide a culinary adventure through various towns and villages of Palestine. In between enjoying the delights of our cuisine, you will visit interesting historical sites, and learn lots about our culture. Leave our tours feeling like a local – with an insider view into the real Palestine and a “belly full” of food and fun!

More than just a food tour: experience Palestine’s rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful people!


  • Experience eating in family homes
  • Full immersion cooking classes
  • Visit wineries and breweries
  • Shop at the old markets
  • Hike through vineyards
  • Visit local food markets and artisan craft producers
  • Visit famous attractions
  • Bring home a collection of local, traditional recipes to savor and share for years to come


This tour will give you the chance to grab the best bite of Palestine’s amazing food, and will be sure to leave you fully satiated and never wanting for dessert. From a traditional falafel sandwich in the old cities to the two hour slow cooked chicken underground (zarb), the food of Palestine can satisfy any taste.

To learn about the itinerary, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.