Olive Harvest Tours

oliveharvestAre you looking for an authentic Palestinian experience? Be Palestinian for a week or two! Spend a blissful time this fall in ancient olive groves; learn a lot not only about the olive oil and food traditions but also about the people and local culture.

In Palestine, nearly half of the agricultural land is planted with 8 million olive trees. The olive oil industry makes up 14% of the agricultural income and supports the livelihoods of approximately 80,000 families. The olive harvest season used to be a joyful social and cultural event. Unfortunately nowadays, it is accompanied with challenges.

Today, the goal of the olive harvest is to help farmers access their olive groves that are close to the Wall or to Israeli settlements, lend them a hand in picking their olives and at the same time provide guests with a unique traditional experience.

We arrange olive harvest experiences for visitors to Palestine in the second half of October. You can participate in harvesting on a charming olive farm, see the olive oil production process and take home some olive oil with you!

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