Worship at Holy Sites

Worship at Holy SitesAs this is the Holy Land, we believe God has a holy purpose in your coming. We do not want to herd you around the holy sites, giving you just a few moments to take a photo and leave. We also do not want to overload you with historical information that has no connection with Scripture.

We are a Christian tourism company committed to focusing on the Biblical significance of the holy sites, filling our tours with Scripture reading and prayer.

Just as Jesus constantly sought the Father as he traveled from village to village, we hope to give you the opportunity to do the same. Jesus modeled intimacy with God by making time to seek Him in prayer. His life and ministry were saturated in prayer and communion with God.

For this reason, we are committed to providing time for quiet reflection and prayer, either at or after our visits to holy sites.

We can also arrange for you to worship with local Christians on Sundays in churches of the denomination of your choosing. In this way, you will not merely be a traveler passing through, but a fellow worshiper with the global body of Christ.